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Dearest space cadets,

This is your basic DIY blog made by not your basic housewife. I am a geek, I’m a nerd, I’m a dork, I’m a turd…? (I’m obviously not a songwriter but I wouldn’t want it any other waaaayyy.) Basically, this is a DIY blog that will also chronicle the ongoing battle in my brain of how to decorate my house (Something Martha Stewart would be proud of? Or something Doctor Who would be proud of?) And then of course trying to answer the ever present question of “Can I afford that? Or can I make it myself? And better!” Usually, those questions revolve around something I’ve seen on Pinterest. In which case, if I try to do/make something, I will try to document my experience and point out what went wrong or what worked better, etc…

One more thing: I live in Oklahoma. So occasionally my proximity to redneckness will show through. Please don’t judge me for it. Just because I went to college doesn’t mean a random “aint” or “ya’ll” won’t escape my mouth. It can’t be helped as it comes with the territory.

With that said, enjoy my teachings and ramblings (which there is bound to be more of than teachings).

With love,

The Nerdy Housewife ❤


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