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February 21, 2013 by thenerdyhousewife

Greetings Space Cadets,

I know it’s been entirely too long since my last post, but in my defense, this had to wait until after Valentine’s Day as it involved my hubby’s present.

So before I get started, here is a little back story. A year and a half ago, my hubby went out on the lake with his brothers for a little “guys weekend”. The first night, I got a call from him telling me how he lost his wedding ring while wake boarding. The next afternoon, I got a call from his brothers saying they were taking him to the ER because for stitches because he tried to climb up a cliff (over hanging the water so he could jump off), wasn’t wearing shoes, and sliced his foot open on glass or a sharp rock. You would think I would have felt more sorry for him, but a few years back he had done almost exactly the same thing at another location when I had told him feverishly several times to WEAR SHOES there. So he came home, beaten and battered, with no wedding ring. At the time, I said it wasn’t a big deal and we would get another one later. Then “later” turned into a year and half.

So for Valentine’s Day, I decided to get him a new ring. Sadly, this part wasn’t a surprise because we had to go get his finger re-sized. The surprise part was how I was going to present it. I had found a little blue wooden box at Hobby Lobby a while back that was just waiting to be made into a T.A.R.D.I.S. (For non-nerds, this is a time machine/Space ship on the BBC show Doctor Who) My hubby and I are huge fans of the show, and so I wanted to make him something that he could also use and display on his desk in true nerd style. Here is the finished project:

2013-02-12 23.08.44

It’s kind of hilariously bad and looks like a 3rd grader did it, but it was fun to make and he really enjoyed it. I’m going to include steps on how to recreate it, but also add tips from hindsight.

For starters, you will need the following items:

-A blue wooden box (as I said, I found mine at Hobby Lobby, but I’m sure there are dozens of other sizes and varieties out there. You may even want to get a plain one and paint it yourself–your choice)

-One white fine tip paint pen

-One black fine tip paint pen

-Normally, I would suggest a Sonic Screwdriver, but as all fans of the show know, it doesn’t work on wood. So, perhaps just have an episode playing in the background to get you in the mood?

Before beginning, if you are using new paint pens, grab a piece of cardboard, trash or something, and get the paint flowing into the tip of the pen. Make sure it’s coming out smoothly before beginning.

First, paint the black strip around the “top” of the TARDIS. I chose to do mine on the top and front of the box, so that if it sits on it’s side, it looks like a phone box. Luckily, my box already had a piece of raised wood where this black strip would go (one reason I bought it), so this part was fairly easy. If you are painting a flat surface, I would definitely measure with a ruler.

2013-02-12 21.40.17

Even though the paint will dry very quickly, I suggest moving on before painting the words over it. Next, draw out your TARDIS ‘windows’ in white. I decided to free hand this, which resulted in the second arrow’s mishap. As you can see, my ‘windows’ on the front are longer than the ones on the lid. Oops.

2013-02-12 21.57.06

At this point, you can also paint in the black ‘panels’ that go below the ‘windows’. Again, I free handed (but with a pencil this time before the paint), and it still came out pretty shoddy. I’m blaming it all on the bad lighting, as I was hiding out in our spare room to do this project. (Side note: Faux husband (aka our old room mate and friend), I miss you and the spare room is just sad now. Although the cat likes having a bed to himself now. lol)

2013-02-12 22.08.03

Now, your black strip at the top should be nice and dry. Switch back your white pen. In capital letters, write “POLICE”. In smaller, but still capital letters write “PUBLIC” over the word “CALL”. Then, next to that, write “BOX” in capital letters the same size as “POLICE”. I just searched for a picture of the TARDIS and mimicked it as close as possible. Finally, take the black pen and go over the white ‘windows’ edges. Make two equally spaced vertical lines, and one horizontal line in the middle, similar to what you see in the finished picture. Congratulations, you are now finished!

Here is my hubby’s new ring in the box. I had a hard time finding the thing that goes in a ring box that holds the ring in place (sorry, I have no idea what that’s called!) that would fit properly, so the best I could do on short notice was that sad, little piece of foam. But apparently it didn’t matter because my hubby was happy with it either way!

2013-02-12 23.09.22

Anyway, that’s all for now Space Cadets! I have a few projects in the works already and I can’t wait to share them, so until next time…



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