DIY Upcycled Antique Wooden Levels

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June 20, 2012 by thenerdyhousewife


Hello again Space Cadets,

Soooo this nerdy little housewife is trying to be a better blogger by bringing you not-so-terrible pictures to go along with my posts. (Yay for!) As you can obviously tell, I’m still learning, so cut me some slack. Ok, so down to business. Beside being obsessed with nerd things like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Batman, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones, I am also a huge antique-nut. Garage sale? Flea Market? I’m totally there!

So on that note, when my family and I were going through my husband’s grandmother’s shed after we bought her house, I was in hog-heaven when no one wanted some of the cool antique items that were stashed away in there. Among my favorites are an old green wooden rolling pin, an old blue washboard, and a antique wooden level. *Squee*

The rolling pin and washboard went on display immediately as is. However, upon further inspection, I realized that the little round holes in the level where the glass bubble tube (no idea what the real name is for it) was the exact size as a tea light candle. Presto!


Don’t you just love the burned places on this? You can’t buy that kind of character at Target.


Ok, so back to garage sales (yay!). Last summer I was ecstatic to come across this REALLY long, red, wooden level that matched this one quite well. I knew it just had to be a shelf the second I saw it. So my mom (and garage sale buddy) came home with me to help mount it. While she was there I showed her these sweet old outside hose faucets that were apparently original to the house that we had found. They were splashed with different colors of paint and just cool to stay in a drawer. Without a beat, she flipped them upside down and placed them under the the level and says “Here’s your shelf. Easy.”

So here is the result of that. The pictures are kinda crap. I apologize. Just go with it.


I may add better pics later as these just don’t seem to do it justice. Anyway, the point was to share this BA idea my mom had to the unfettered masses. Go forth and decorate, my lovelies.



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