DIY Nasal Saline Rinse–(Or “How to save your sinuses”)


June 16, 2012 by thenerdyhousewife

Hello there space cadets,

Even though it is the middle of June, I am facing yet again my normally winter nemesis, a sinus infection. *Duh dun dunnn* This became a nice reminder that I should share my little secret with the world. A few years ago, a really awesome doctor shared this with me when I came in with a sinus infection and I’ve been using it ever since. It may sound scary at first (“You want me to shoot what up my nose?!”), but I promise the relief you will feel is sooo worth it. *Feels amazing*

WARNING: This is not a cure, as I have just mentioned, but for temporary relief of sinus pressure. It can also help to prevent it from turning into a sinus infection or worse. I am not even remotely in the medical field, but it was a doctor who recommended this to me. Make sure you always ask a doctor before you try something like this. And do not hold me responsible if you do this and screw it up somehow.



  • Cup/bowl
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp. baking soda
  • 10 cc plastic syringe (minus needle–duh)

In regards to the plastic syringe, you can always ask your doctor if they have one you can have (that’s where I got mine). Also, you can ask your local pharmacy if they have one you can have or buy. (My local pharmacy gave me one once when I asked if they had eyedroppers for an abandon kitten I had to take care of. So cool of them, right?)

2012-06-14 22.33.39


Step one: Mix ingredients in bowl/cup and immediately head to the shower. You could try this over the sink if you are feeling risky, but I enjoy not having my clothes covered in water and snot. (Like those Noxzema face wash commercials…if I threw water on my face like that my bathroom would be soaking wet and the soap would still be on my face. Seriously, do they really think people do that?)

Step Two: Fill up syringe with mixture. Lean forward slightly and keep your head down. Helps the snot drain faster, IMO.

Step Three: Place syringe up one nostril. DO NOT HOLD THE OTHER ONE SHUT. This is not nose spray. Take a deep breath in through your mouth and squirt all the contents of the syringe straight up your nostril! Almost immediately you should expect a ton of snot to come squirting out of the other nostril.

Step Four: Continue to irrigate each nostril 2-3 times, switching back and forth. I wouldn’t do more than that unless you give yourself a bit of break (continue on with your shower, belt out some Gaga at the top of your lungs, determine whether that mole is cancerous, etc…), and then do it one last time before you get out. I will warn you that by this time, your solution will be cooled down tremendously and won’t feel as good as when it’s hot.

Anyway, that’s it. Pretty simple, right? Well, that’s it for now. More rambling from me later on!


8 thoughts on “DIY Nasal Saline Rinse–(Or “How to save your sinuses”)

  1. amanda says:

    does it burn when you do this?

    • Hi there,

      As long as you don’t suck up the solution (where it will run through the other parts of your sinuses), it shouldn’t burn. However, if your sinuses are really sensitive and raw from being sick, you may feel some burning. If it’s just a normal stuffy nose, and you are letting the solution just flow through the sinuses in one nostril and out the other, you should be just fine 🙂

  2. vjwalt26 says:

    I’ve tried this 3 times and it always burns for days. I do have a perforated septum so that could be why, but gosh. it freaking hurts. lol

  3. Carol says:

    My only warning here would be to use distiller water. My allergist told me that municipal water supplies can have harmful bacteria which can lead to serious infection. For the burning, I would suggest just cutting back on the amount of salt and soda.

  4. Candace says:

    Thanks for the recipe! I just tried it and love it.

  5. Sky says:

    Thank you!!! It really helped!!!

  6. JoAnn payan says:

    I love the way this was written , thank you for the info.

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